We (my husband and I) first encountered Jeanine at the beginning of our process of searching for potentially buying a house. We asked for a video walkthrough of a house we saw on Zillow, and she happened to be the one who showed it. She did a great walkthrough and was great at answering all of our questions. She immediately passed on some general new-homebuyer information to me and talked with me on the phone about my home buying desires, timeline, knowledge, etc. She never felt like she was pressuring me one way or the other, always meeting me where I was at. I was honest at the beginning – “I don’t know if I’m close to buying a house, I’m just starting the looking process.” And she was okay with that, sending me houses of different types and locations, just to hear what things I liked or disliked about each one to give me further pointers. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, she skillfully arranged many walkthroughs of different houses. In addition to showing us houses, she also connected with us as people, getting to know us and our family and our needs and wants. She bonded with us over shared experiences or passions. It made it very easy and comfortable to work with her. After a few months of this, we found a house we loved. She helped us with the application and offer process. We did not get that house, and she was shocked. She had assured us our offer was very reasonable, but the winning offer was significantly over ours, which was already over the asking price. We all shared in the disappointment for a bit, but then we kept on looking. Throughout this process, my husband and I were finding listings on our own and sending them to her, all while she continued to find listings for us as well. It felt like we could be as involved in the process as we wanted. If we wanted to do the looking and have her just connect us with the details or showings, she was willing and able to do that. Though Jeanine works with Compass, there was no conflict or pressure to only see Compass houses. In fact, some of the houses we saw were from other companies, and when their real estate agents met with us, they always had positive things to say about Jeanine. It felt like yet another good sign about her. Finally, we found another house we loved. She once again helped us put together an offer. She even suggested some conditions we wouldn’t have considered to improve both our offer, and the end purchase for us. This offer and those conditions were accepted, and we bought our new home! She gave us our first housewarming gift, and has continued to text us every so often just to check in and make sure everything is going all right. In summary, Jeanine is personable, knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and good at her job. We had the good fortune to just stumble upon her early in our search, and I’m so glad we did!

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